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Why do the Potato Diet? How does it work? Why should I do it? Who is doing it? All you need to know about The Potato Diet.

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Interesting information about the nutritional basics of the humble potato. Find out why the potato is described as Nature’s superfood.

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The Potato Diet has shown a remarkable ability to reduce snoring. This benefit  comes from the elevated levels of Potassium.

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Join the The Potato Diet discussion on our Forum. Give help and advice to others who are thinking about doing this diet.

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Essential Do’s & Don’t's of The Potato Diet

Preparing for The Potato Diet is not like preparing for other diets. You are not going to need extravagant recipes, lists of ingredients and time to prepare.

You simply determine how much weight you want to lose then calculate how long it will take you to achieve your goal. Use our suite of free tools to work out  your Base Metabolic Rate, your daily calorie requirements then calculate how long your target weight will take to achieve.

Many people have had massive success with this diet. It won’t get publicized heavily as there’s no money to be made advising people how they can lose weight and never be hungry simply by eating one of the cheapest and healthiest foods available.

Experts are quickly recognizing that the humble potato is not the evil store of carbohydrate that nutritionists have advised against. It is in fact nature’s superfood and provides almost the perfect mix of nutrients for human consumption.

Find out now if this weight loss technique will suit you. Best of all, it’s virtually free. Your grocery bill will be massively reduced. You have nothing to lose but the excess weight you are carrying. READ MORE

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